Max and Molly's Mom

Friday, May 12, 2006


Sophie or Ella or Kellan

I would like to use Grandma's name, Alice, for a middle name. Husband would like to use his Grandma's name, Helen for a middle name. "Ella Helen Alice" might be too tough. So then we thought...


Thursday, May 11, 2006


Spent the afternoon on the couch after trying to get to work for a couple of meetings in the morning. I forget that work really can go on without me. I should have spent the whole day resting. Sinus problems, of course. Hopefully it will not turn into a sinus infection.

My friend had her baby on Tuesday and another told me she was pregnant on Monday. Someone asked me "how are you feeling about that?" Hmmm.... I couldn't put it into words so I just ended up saying I'm doing ok. Which is true. But it does bring up some strong desires to experience childbirth and a newborn. Although while talking to my friend after her delivery , I did get a small sense of relief that I would not have to experience all the pain and discomfort (probably not the right word for all those women out there who have had to push their baby's head thru a very small opening). I'm happy for my friends. And looking forward to my own baby's "delivery". It will be a very different experience physically, but I expect emotionally there will be some similarities.

Only two more reference letters and Husband's autobiography to get to the adoption agency and our home study paperwork will be done. No updates on the house, adding on or buying. Work has taken up most of my time this past week. I want so much to have an easy transition from my old group to my new group. But I feel like I have "no time". Which is always a really bad excuse! I will need to readjust priorities next week to get start building relationships on the new team. Some people I haven't even met yet!

And I found out yesterday that my boss of almost 3 years (and 2 years in the '90s) is probably not going to be my boss anymore. Bummer. I like working with him so much. I wonder if I will like my job as much without him. Time will tell.

I can hear the chimes outside (the ones my parents brought back from Arizona for us). It's very windy and cold tonight. I'll be happy when the warm weather is back. But I'm glad there is rain to keep our newly planted grass seed wet.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

How fast time flies...

The adoption interview was on Wednesday evening. Husband got the house sparkling clean and picked up. The kids were on their best behavior. And the dogs just wanted to lick the social worker's face. Ah, well. I think it went good, despite the dogs.

Then work got a little crazy. Then Husband had to work on Step-son's science project and I had to keep Step-daughter from getting in the way. Then we went out for pizza. Then the kids and I had a great Saturday, shopping, out to lunch and to the park. Then Husband's sister and her kids and brother came over for dinner, kids stayed overnight, sister came back for more fun and dinner on Sunday. Got some flowers planted and the grass cut. And Max and Molly with probably sleep until Tuesday with all of the weekend activity. I suppose I could, too.

Back to the adoption: the home study will get dated as of our first wedding anniversary so I can't send in the I-600A or work on the dossier until June 1st. That gives me some time to check out possibilities for the addition AND (just to be sure we're doing the right thing) go check out some houses for sale.

Husband just told me it was a good day. I have to agree. Just the right amount of family and sunshine for a Sunday. I wish I could have gone to my own family's get-together today. Hopefully I will see them soon. Seeing Husband's family always makes me want to see my own more.

The latest question for anyone listening: Where can I get cut straw?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday already?

The big day is tomorrow. Our second and last interview for our adoption home study. A little dusting, a little vacuuming, a big disinfecting of the toilet bowl and the house might be ready. Husband did a great job on the kitchen and even cut the grass in front before it got dark.

Molly and I had an adventure after our long walk with Max. The dog across the street got out the front door and took off down the street towards one of the busiest roads in Milwaukee. The family across the street started running after him. I grabbed Molly and ran after all of them. Just before the busy street, there was Koby in a strip mall parking lot. As we've learned (since this was not Koby's first adventure down the street), he will run after us if he thinks we're playing. So we run away from the busy street. Koby follows and once he sees Molly, he's pudding in her paws (and I grab his collar). The power females have over males... Works with other species, too!

Posts will be shorter and less frequent until I get the computer out of my stepdaughter's bedroom. It had to be eventually - making the office back into a bedroom. But it greatly limits my computer access.

We did get design plans for an addition on the house yesterday. Will write more about that (and post pictures if possible) later in the week.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


With the help of the neighbor across the street, the dirt pile has been spread to the bare spots on the lawn. Husband was at work yesterday. I don't know how I could have done it myself. Neighbors are good people. It had to get done before the rain came. Lots of mulch left under the tarp. It'll eventually get put around trees in back.

Since there's so much rain today, it's inside work today. Still have to give the dogs baths and clean the house. So why am I writing a blog post??

Have you ever felt like you've accumulated so much "stuff" in your house that you don't even know what you have anymore? That's what I feel like. I want to rip everything from boxes and closets and desk drawers and cabinets and find out what we have and then get rid of stuff we don't need. And then get the rest organized. How do we do that when I know it can't be done in one day? I suppose when we put on the addition or move to a bigger house, it'll have a chance of being done.

So if you have nothing to do today feel free to stop by and help with the cleaning. We really need it!

Is the small font ok or too small to read?

Friday, April 28, 2006


If you ever had any doubts, I am Wonder Woman!

Husband and I did something I've been wanting to do for years... finally dug up the bushes and grass by the driveway in front of the house and put down dirt and mulch for later planting. We'll probably go with hostas and ground cover. It was fun doing it together and we did it all in just one evening after both of us worked during the day. Nice weather to work outside and great success!

Still more dirt and mulch to haul around and grass to plant. Tomorrow will be a busy day. The house needs to be cleaned for our adoption home study interview this week and I need to finish my autobiography. And the dogs need baths, desparately. And I have to write an appeal letter to our insurance company (they declined to cover some of the fertility testing done this year). And I need to figure out how to convince Time Warner Cable that we only have ONE digital box, not two. And then cancel our cable service! I have to run back to Goo Goo Gaa Gaa to straighten out a duplicate transaction and hope I don't buy anything more. And return some pants to Kohl's and shorten another pair. That is enough for one day, right?

Maybe I'll relax and take a few pictures to post on my blog during the day, as well.

It's good to be part of a team, working hard and goofing around together, and still have myself as a separate entity.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mulch and Dirt

Mulch and dirt were delivered today. We managed to spread about half of the mulch. No progress on the dirt. The landscaped part of the yard looks pretty darn good with new mulch! My back is sore. The bed looks more inviting than ever!